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High Selling Kerala Ayurveda Resorts

Experience authentic Ayurveda well complimented by yoga and meditation. Live the life style that enables you to balance your energy with the inner spiritual and outer material worlds. Go back refreshed and energetic to live your dream. Two of these CGH Earth resorts are most famous.

Kalari Kovilakom, a palace converted into a Ayurveda retreat offers a picturesque settings with authentic Ayurveda. Read More

Kalari Rasyana is elegantly built resort that is spread over 8 acres of lake side coconut grooves and offers pure Ayurveda.Read More

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CGH earth Hotels and Resorts

CGH Earth is the leaders in Experience Tourism enabling you to enjoy the uniqueness of every destination with lots of local flavor. CGH Earth hotels, offers an immersive experience where holidays are more than just an amusement. Every property is operated around a core belief where environment, nature, respect to past heritage and the local ethos takes the center stage. At some place it is Ayurveda, at some place it is leisure, at some place it is wellness but every hotel or resort operates around a theme, thus making the travelers to enjoy the best of every destination. CGH Earth stay also aims to revive your mind, body and soul. To support this most of the resorts have Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation centers with trained people to initiate you to this priceless ancient sciences

CGH Earth currently operates hotels and resorts in Pondicherry, Kumbakonam, Karaikudi, Thekkady, Cochin, Kumarakom, Kerala Houseboats, Marari Beach and Wayanad. The Ayurveda resorts are in Kollam, Palakkad and Kokarna. Wherever possible CGH earth uses rain water harvesting, wate management systems, solar power units and other ecofriendly intiatives all aimed at giving it back to mother nature.

In this website we at Letzgo Tourism Services LLP., have put together the ideas and information about these resorts & hotels along with the applicable prices and photo gallery. Hope the desired ONE STOP STORE for CGH resorts is useful in planning your next holiday to Kerala. We also operate tours across South India. We invite you to experience the CGH World through us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Kalari Kovilakom

Formerly a Vengunad Palace and now a Ayurveda Restreat, Kalari Kovilakom Offers the most pure form of Ayurveda as Kings would have had it. Kalari Kovilakom adheres to the strict tenants of Ayurveda.

Kalari Rasayana

Kalari Rasayana, located in Parur in Kollam, is a elegantly build lake side resort spread over acres Ccoconut Groove. Kalari Rasayana offers most authentic form of Ayurveda treatments in Kerala

Swaswara Gokarna

Set in the foot hills of famous Om beach in Gokarna , SwaSwara is a paradise for Yoga, meditation and wellness. Stay is in traditional Konkani Villas. Swaswara Gokarna is just 170 Kms from Goa airport.

Spice Village Thekkady

Set in the tribal village theme inside a Spice Plantation, Spice Village thekkady offers stay in thatched villas with modern amenities. This 4* resort is 190 Kms from Kochi and 140 Kms from Madurai airports. The top resort to stay in Thekkady

Marari Beach Resort

Designed in Fisherman Village theme Marari Beach resort is located by the sandy beaches of Mararikulam near Alleppey. An eco friendly 4* resort, is just Marari Beach is two hours drive from Kochi airport. Staying here is an experience!

Coconut Lagoon Kumarakom

Built in the style of traditional 'Tharavadu' houses of Kerala, Coconut Lagoon is located by the magical backwaters of Vembanad lake in Kumarakom. This beautiful Heritage resort is 90 Kms from Kochi airport.

Brunton Boatyard, Cochin

Resurrected from the remains of an old Victorian ship making yard, Brunton Boatyrad is an eclectic blend of English, Dutch & Portuguese architecture of the yore. Brunton Boatyrad is 40 Kms from Kochi airport.

Eighth Bastion Fort Kochi

Eighth Bastion - The 4* boutique hotel celebrates the Portuguese and Dutch legacy of Fort Kochi. Located close to Chinese Fishing nets and many other sightseeing attractions, Eighth Bastion is 90 Minutes drive from Kochi airport.

Casino Hotel Cochin

Flagship hotel of CGH group, this downtown 5* business cum leisure hotel is located in Willingdon Island. Casino hotel is close to all major attractions in Kochi and is over an hours drive from Kochi airport

Palai De Mahe Pondicherry

A premium colonial hotel with well appointed rooms have a distinct character and all modern amenities. Located in the French quarters, Palaid De Mahe is at walkable distance to the famous promenade.

Maison Perumal Pondicherry

Located in the Tamil quarter, Maison Perumal is exuberant with the amalgamation of Tamil & French cultures, cuisine, architecture & more. Maison Perumal Pondicherry resounds the spirit of the past.

Visalam Karaikudi

Visalam Hotel is in Karaikudi which is famous it's Chetinad Cuisine. This 1930 built mansion renovated to a hotel, visalam showcases the 19th century architecture. Trichy & Madurai are nearest airports.

Spice Coast Cruises, Backwaters

Spice Coast Cruise Houseboats in Kerala takes you on a journey through the heartland of Kerala backwaters & canals of Kuttanad.A journey that showcases the beauty and soul of life in God's own country. Boardring-70 Kms from airport.

Chittoor Kottaram

A Single Key Palace Hotel, where can you live, sleep, dine and enjoy as Kochi royals did in the past. Cusine is pure vegeterain and palace can take upto 6 persons. A backwater palace, an hour drive from Kochi airport.

CGH Kerala Experience

This Kerala tour covers Kochi, Thekkady, Kumarakom, Spice Coast Houseboat and Marari Beach Resort. Discover the destination and experience the theme of major CGH Earth Hotels and CGH earth Resorts.

Spice Village Ayurveda

Built in traditional Tribal Village Theme Spice Village Thekkady offers the most Authentic form of Ayurveda in Kerala. The resort has modern ayurvedic center with a doctor and offers rejuvenation and other therapies.

Marari Beach Ayurveda

Built in traditional Fishermen Village Theme Marari Beach Resort offers purest form of Kerala Ayurveda. The resort offers rejuvenation and other speciality therapies and it is equipped with modern kerala ayurvedic center with doctor.

Coconut Lagoon Ayurveda

Set in the midst of the mesmerizing backwaters of vembanad lake, Coconut lagoon Kumarakom is a unique Heritage resort with Kerala Ayurvedic center. The resort offers Rejuvenation and other Kerala Ayurveda packages.

CGH South India Explorer

Using CGH Earth hotels this South India tour cover Pondicherry,Tanjore, Karaikudi, Thekkady, Kumarakom, House- boat, Marari Beach and Kochi. Explore and experience tourist places in South India as envisaged by travellers of the past.

CGH Kerala Experience

This Kerala tour covers Kochi, Thekkady, Kumarakom, Spice Coast Houseboat and Marari Beach Resort. Discover the destination and experience the theme of major CGH Earth Hotels and CGH earth Resorts.

About Kerala Ayurveda

Presenting the basic concepts of Kerala Ayurveda and procedures involved in Kerala Ayurvedic treatments. Meaning of Ayurveda terms used in Kerala Ayurveda is given along with Kerala Ayurveda resorts, Kerala Ayurveda center